ASP Transactions on Psychology and Education 2022-04-27T23:08:24+08:00 Marley Vellasco Open Journal Systems <p><em><strong>ASP Transactions on Psychology and Education(ISSN:<a href="">2790-2625</a>)</strong></em> is a quarterly journal oriented toward publishing high-quality papers that address the relevant psychological aspects of educational processes embedded in different institutional, social, and cultural contexts, and which focus on diversity in terms of the participants, their educational trajectories and their socio-cultural contexts. Authors are strongly encouraged to employ a variety of theoretical and methodological tools developed in the psychology of education in order to gain new insights by integrating different perspectives. Instead of reinforcing the divisions and distances between different communities stemming from their theoretical and methodological backgrounds, we would like to invite authors to engage with diverse theoretical and methodological tools in a meaningful way and to search for the new knowledge that can emerge from a combination of these tools.</p> From Artworks to Products to Commodities: Exploring the Development Path of Miao Batik Industrialization in Danzhai, China 2021-12-20T10:07:58+08:00 Yongbo Yang Li Yi <p>Qiandongnan Prefecture's Danzhai County is a significant support location for China's "intangible cultural heritage + poverty alleviation" initiative. The representative inheritors of Miao batik have meticulously refined their artworks to make them into competent products in the context of targeted poverty alleviation and rural revitalization. These products have been upgraded to become popular commodities in the market, boosting the development of the local rural economy, by incorporating fashion elements and enhancing design vibrancy. Our study find that Danzhai has accomplished some significant steps in the growth of the batik industry, including amassing strength, transitioning from cooperative to enterprise development, establishing a brand, and improving cultural value. Danzhai's development paradigm has substantial implications for other traditional handicrafts and intangible cultural heritage poverty alleviation projects in China.</p> 2022-01-03T00:00:00+08:00 Copyright (c) 2022 ASP Transactions on Psychology and Education Research on the Current Situation and Strategies of Establishing National Consciousness in Foreign Language Teaching in Institution of Higher Learning in Minority Areas 2022-04-27T23:08:24+08:00 Yuxin Zhang <p>For ethnic groups, in addition to mastering the lingua franca of the country "Chinese", foreign language learning has gradually been put on the agenda. How to share the wealth of human spiritual civilization and maintain national cultural security in cultural exchanges is a realistic challenge faced by all countries. That is to say, on the premise of laying a solid foreign language skills and mastering foreign language professional knowledge, broaden the knowledge of humanities and science and technology, and master the professional basic knowledge related to the work after graduation. Combined with some highlights of education reform and quality education, the theoretical exploration of effective foreign language teaching in Institution of Higher Learning is carried out, and some strategic suggestions are put forward for the problems in implementation. One of the contents of foreign language teaching in Institution of Higher Learning is to prevent the phenomenon of cultural "self-colonization", which has become a new requirement for foreign language classroom teaching in Institution of Higher Learning to maintain its own cultural security mission. This paper comprehensively discusses the problems existing in foreign language teaching in Institution of Higher Learning in ethnic minority areas and the corresponding countermeasures in teaching practice. The effect of learning largely depends on students' subjective initiative and participation. The learning process is not only the process of combining old and new knowledge, but also the process of transforming language skills from theory to automatic application. What is more important is to cultivate students' cross-cultural ability and make them become talents with correct cultural values, which is related to the security and development future of national culture. This paper aims to establish national awareness and reference significance for foreign language teaching in Institution of Higher Learning in ethnic areas, and also has a certain reference value for foreign language teaching in other Institution of Higher Learning.</p> 2022-03-18T00:00:00+08:00 Copyright (c) 2022 ASP Transactions on Psychology and Education